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Heart Rate Variability and Emwave Products

New research in neuroscience points to an extremely important relationship between the nerves (neurons) in and around your heart and those in your brain in terms of balancing your autonomic nervous system (ANS).   Research has indicated that  one of the best signs of being in a balanced emotional and physiological state is what is known as "heart rate cohesion".  What this means is that the more synchronous your heart beats, the more messages your neural loop sends back and forth between your heart and brain and your ANS to maintain the "zone" or "flow" state.  Therefore, heart rate variability (HRV- the consistency of your heart rate, not the total beats per minute) is one of the best indicators of being in a state of good decision making, increased reaction times, and overall enhanced performance.  The graph above shows your heart out of cohesion, as in when your frustrated or angry (at the top) and in cohesion, as in when you are in a postitive emotion (at the bottom).

The researchers at HeartMath have developed several bio-feedback products that are relatively inexpensive and provide a great way to "train your heart" to "train your brain" to enter the zone.  The Personal Stress Reliever is a portable device (fits in a tennis bag easily) that you can use to facilitate heart rate cohesion in minutes (or even on a 90 second changeover).
The emWave for your computer can give you much more detailed information on your cohesion and can also track your progress as you "train".  To purchase one of the emWave products, click on one of the links below.

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